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Kdo-by netoužil se stát alespoň na malou chvíli mořským vlkem a okusit chutě vzdálených moří. Rum Captain Briggs k tomuto dobrodružství určitě patří a to bez jediné kapky alkoholu !


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Dark Rumi CAPTIAIN BRIGGS is a unique alcohol alternative. It was created as a result of many attempts to select components and technology to capture the essence of slightly softened, exceptional taste and aroma, so characteristic of premium Caribbean rums originated from Jamaica.
This exceptional beverage is characterized by a smooth yet strong taste profile of old oak wood, that is accompanied by aromas of smoke, caramel and molasses. Thanks to the depth of flavor and aroma as well as a complex composition that leaves an unforgettable taste in the mouth, Dark Rumi alternative may surprise many rum connoisseurs with its similarity to its famous original counterparts.
Dark Rumi was created to replace the traditional dark rum in the drinks you know and love: it is the basis for composing (in a 1:1 ratio) your favorite rum cocktails, such as Daiquiri, Cuba Libre or Dark Rum Mojito. Savoring them will instantly transport you, like a time machine, to old Havana for a couple of drinks celebrated with Ernest Hemingway.
Dark Rumi is a low-calorie (15 kcal/100 g), low-sugar and keto-friendly alcohol alternative. Its consumption will ensure your well-being, perfect figure, fresh breath and healthy appearance. Moreover, excessive consumption of rum alternative does not hinder weight control!
Whether you drive a car, exercise, follow a keto diet, socialize or raise children – consuming Dark Rumi 0% instead of alcohol will always intrigue your friends and emphasize your individual lifestyle.



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